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Words of Grace

Words of Grace is a new quarterly booklet of Daily Reflections and Prayers for Catholics that connects the daily Scripture readings from the Mass with the treasury of wisdom found in the Church’s rich spiritual tradition. Besides offering a brief daily reflection related to the Mass readings and a thought provoking prayer starter question, this handy and easy-to-use booklet also offers a variety of other engaging features such as Bible history, prayer from the day's saint, and brief explanations of various words related to Catholic liturgy, theology and spirituality.


Perfect for parishes, prayer groups and individuals, this handy, 4" x 6" booklet can be purchased on either a one-time or subscription basis for surprisingly affordable prices.This SKU is for a ONE-TIME bulk order (Apr-Jun issue) of 10 or more copies. Please see the other SKUs under the Words of Grace category page for standing order bulk subscriptions plus single, individual subscriptions.

4" x 6", 96 pages, published quarterly

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