Jesus and You: Heroes in Lent!

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Jesus and You: Heroes in Lent! 
An Activity Booklet for Lent
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Everyone loves a good story with a great hero! In Lent, we learn how God sent us the greatest hero of all, Jesus Christ. In this activity book, we offer children a way to journey through the mysteries of Lent to the great victory of Easter. Every day has a short scripture verse, a child-friendly Lenten reflection, and a new activity for children to do alone or with family. Children use puzzles, cartoons, and secret codes to explore the Church's "hero" stories of Lent. Help children become Lenten heroes with Jesus! Together with the Church, your whole family can follow Jesus in the exciting adventure of salvation.

5-3/8 x 8-3/8 | 48 pages | click here for a PDF sample

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