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By His Cross

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By His Cross
Stations of the Cross for Young Catholics and Their Families

Young people today are exposed earlier than ever to the struggles of life and the mystery of suffering. This way of the cross is a resource that can assist young people and their families in relating to the sufferings of Jesus and coping with their own difficult experiences. These stations are written with the world of pre-teens in mind, but can just as easily be appreciated by teens and adults. Each station contains a story, a metaphor,  or a familiar cultural tie-in to help the reader recognize the Lord’s suffering in their own everyday struggles. Whether used individually or read together by families or school groups, they help readers understand that the cross is not just something that happened long ago, but a struggle that still continues to unfold in our lives today.

 5-1/2" x 3-7/8"  32 pages  click here for a PDF sample

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