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God's Advent Artistry

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God's Advent Artistry
Reflections on Celebrating the Colors of Advent

Any doubt that God is a master of the art of coloring is quickly removed by studying the symbols of the Jesse Tree. The burning bush, the rainbow in the clouds, Joseph’s coat of many colors and the star of David are all fruits of the Lord’s Advent artistry. God's Advent Artistry is a book of devotions and prayers designed to evoke appreciation for the colors and artistry of the season. Advent calls all God’s children to recollect the days when a deluxe box of crayons was a magical Christmas gift. We prepare for the birth of Christ by opening this treasure chest and employing all the bold and subtle shades of divine creativity.

5-3/8 x 8-3/8 | 32 pages | click here for a PDF sample

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